We envision a world where investors of all sizes vote for outcomes that are good for shareholders and society. ​

OxProx is on a mission to catalyze and amplify investor stewardship, which is defined as "the use of investor rights and influence to protect and enhance overall long-term value for clients and beneficiaries, including the common economic, social, and environmental assets on which their interests depend." An investor’s right to vote on key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues at corporate meetings is a key lever for investor stewardship. ​

How OxProx amplifyies investor stewardship

A Global Public Good

OxProx is developing the world's only public database for stakeholders and shareholders to easily see how their fund votes on ESG issues. For the first time ever, investors of all sizes, as well as journalists, researchers, and others will be able to easily access, analyze, and compare the proxy voting records of institutional investors in one convenient location – free of charge!

Institutional Investor Services

OxProx provides proxy voting data services to institutional investors and others to help them with peer analysis, benchmarking, and other data-driven intelligence in support of investment stewardship. We aim to advance the industry by giving institutional investors the insights they need to be stewardship leaders. Learn more about our Services here.

Scaling Up For More Impact

OxProx is engaging with partners at the University of Oxford to perform research and develop tools to support the growth of investor stewardship. The ultimate goals are to bring more investors into the voting system and to enable voting outcomes that are good for shareholders and society. We are aiming to announce the first component of this exciting work in 2025. Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter for updates!


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OxProx is on a mission to amplify investor stewardship – to support voting outcomes that are good for shareholders and society. We are developing a global public database because voting record transparency and accessibility are foundational steps toward this mission.


Investors in publicly-listed companies typically have the right to vote on key issues at corporate meetings, including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. As the world faces the risks of climate change and other societal challenges, shareholders are increasingly interested in how companies are responding and how their peers are voting on these issues. Similarly, stakeholders are keen to understand the responses from both companies and investors, including the voting records of institutional investors such as pension funds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds.

The Problem

While stock markets are global, investors are usually regulated at the national level, which means the disclosure of voting records – if required at all – varies across jurisdictions. Many institutional investors choose to disclose their voting records on their websites and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires asset managers to report them annually, but historically there has been no publicly-accessible place to see, examine, and compare voting records. This lack of voting data transparency and accessibility hinders optimal outcomes for shareholders and society.

The Solution

OxProx’s public database of voting records will make it easy for investors of all sizes to see how their fund is voting on ESG issues. For the first time ever, everyone will be able to easily find, examine, and compare the proxy voting records of institutional investors in one convenient, publicly-accessible location.

Origin STORY

OxProx was developed by founder Ian Robertson during his doctoral work at the University of Oxford, where his thesis focused on responsible investment and proxy voting by asset owners and asset managers. In 2022, OxProx was spun out as a social venture from Oxford University Innovation. In 2024, OxProx hired its inaugural CEO. Our growth story is just getting started.

Image of Ian Robertson, founder of OxProx, delivering a presentation
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